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Classes and Workshops

Classes and workshops are currently held at The Soul Source, 6988 Wildwood Rd, West Bend, WI 53090.

Adult Art Therapy
Thursdays; 6:30 - 8:00 PM


Increase your personal awareness and healing through art therapy.

Research now shows that "engaging in an art project for as little as forty-five minutes reduces the stress hormone cortisol, no matter your skill level, and just one  art experience per month can extend your life by ten years.” (Magsamen and Ross, 2023. Your brain on art, how the arts transform us).


The wonderful thing about art is that it reaches a place within us that is beyond words, because often, the emotions in life are far more than words can express.


This class is designed so that everyone gets the opportunity to share their art with or without words if they choose. We will be using a variety of materials including pencils, pastels, paints, clay, collage, and more.


All supplies are included with the price, and all experientials will be designed to meet the needs of those present.


Everyone attending must sign a confidentiality agreement at the beginning of each class as a reminder of the sacred act of witnessing and holding space. Every single person experiences emotional pain, challenges, joys, laughter, and struggles in life. This class honors each person where they are at in the moment, and looks to provide hope, healing and support.


Sliding Scale, $40-$20 per person per session.

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