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Community Art Projects

Community Projects

Community and collaborative art projects are designed to build community on all levels. Community art projects are a great way to build trusting relationships and friendships. Together, participants learn to appreciate each other’s contributions, unique skills and personalities. When we collaborate, we become more effective communicators and integrated contributors in our society. 


To the right are examples of two of the community, or collaborative art projects Katy has facilitated.

Art Benches

The benches were part of an Arts@large project at an elementary school in Milwaukee that was taking initiative to be all inclusive as well as develop trust between age groups. Fourth graders were paired up to mentor younger, kindergarten children, and everyone was involved in brainstorming local resources, building, sanding and painting the benches. Subjects like math, history, humanities, reading and art expression, were all part of this project. We also discussed what it means to be an active member of the community, including the responsibilities and privelages of each person. The benches were placed in hallways to welcome parents to be part of their children's daily life and education and provided colorful, aesthetic value to the environment. 


Peace and Garden Poles

The lower images are of unique "Peace Poles." The peace pole to the upper right with the mountain image is something that was done for a workshop Katy offered in 2017. The words, "May peace prevail on Earth," the same words used in original peace poles, wrap around the top of the pole, stating a clear intention and our common goal of peace and respect for all. Each pole is "planted" with love and support of people wanting to create a more harmonious world. Part of the workshop was to gather in celebration of being a productive, diverse group of people working together in appreciation of the individuals that make up the whole.

The other Peace/Garden Poles are commissioned works I did for The Soul Source in West Bend, Wisconsin. Feel free to contact Katy if you would like a Peace or Garden Pole for your home or place of business. She would love to create a piece of art to fit your environment!

Katy offers ceremony to dedicate each peace pole she creates for and with others, and is dedicated to connecting and healing communities. 

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